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Solar Panel

Solar Panel

  • Sun Plus Solar Cell Manufacturing Process

    1. Automatic Loading Platform The wafers are loaded on the 1st machine which is the LCL in 5 trays of 100 pieces each. They then go through 2 cameras, one which detects the geometry of the wafer and the other detects microcracks. 2. Acid Texturing This process creates hills and valleys on the surface of the wafer so that the sunlight gets reflected rather than trapped. Wafers run through a cascadi...

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  • What are the parts of the solar system

    Depending on the system’s connection to the electricity grid, different components are integrated in a solar power system. Generally, all the systems include PV modules, wiring, and the associating construction materials. 1. In an off-grid solar power system, additional components include battery banks, a charge controller, an optional backup generator, and an optional inverter. While in the off-g...

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  • Welcome To The Solar Show Vietnam 2018

    Hi friends, Sun Plus New Energy will attend The Solar Show Vietnam 2018 in at HCMC City, Vietnam. We warmly welcome you and your esteemed company to visit our booth, our booth No. is S10. Here we would like to briefly introduce our company to you. Sunplus is the solar power system integrated supplier in China with good reputation. We supply three different types of solar systems for generating ele...

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