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Sun Plus Solar Cell Manufacturing Process

Sun Plus Solar Cell Manufacturing Process

30 Mar 2018
1. Automatic Loading Platform
The wafers are loaded on the 1st machine which is the LCL in 5 trays of 100 pieces each. They then go through 2 cameras, one which detects the geometry of the wafer and the other detects microcracks.

2. Acid Texturing
This process creates hills and valleys on the surface of the wafer so that the sunlight gets reflected rather than trapped. Wafers run through a cascading rinsing process starting with a KOH rinse by HF and HNO3. This process is known as ETCHING. The wafers are rinsed with DI (deionized water) which is the purest form of water, with the mobility of electrons.

3. P-doping (Phosphorous Doping)
In this process, a layer of diluted phosphoric acid is applied on the wafer through the phosphorous mist. P doping is responsible to form the PN junction on the wafer.

4. Diffusion Furnace
A common dopant source is POCl3. Other dopant deposition methods include screen printing, or chemical vapor deposition.

5. PECVD - Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
This machine provides the anti-reflective coating on the wafer so that there is a minimum reflection of the sunlight.

6. Printing
After the PECVD in which the wafers acquire the blue color. They go through the printing cycle. In the front and the back surface silver and aluminum paste are used to print the Bus bars, which help in the flow of electrons.

7. Cell testing and sorting
The cell sorter is the final machine in the cell manufacturing process, which sorts the cells in various categories like efficiency, color, voltage/current into 48 different cases.

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